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Destination Heritage is the outcome of Dr. Githa U Badikillaya's passion for culture, history, and folklore. The organization is about discovering and understanding our rich Cultural Heritage. We provide a forum to learn about Heritage through structured talks, walks, lectures, seminars and festival series in various aspects such as arts, architecture, local legacy, alternate medicine and tourism, amongst others.

Our Heritage Talks and Walks use the above subjects as a lens to understand the diverse features and rich ideas. We also provide a platform for the youth to contribute for research, writing for our blog, and showcasing talent through performances. We are keen on spreading the love for our heritage through its accompanying Stories.


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We organize guided heritage walks to rekindle the interest in the historical spaces that is seen everyday, but not noticed.

Workshops and Lectures

We conduct talks and seminars/webinars with eminent scholars on various subjects of  heritage interest. Introductory classes on heritage subjects will be conducted from time to time. 


We host events commemorating  historical dates,  , festivals and other heritage themes.


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