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Our Mission

  • Dissemination of information through classes, seminars, symposia, exhibits, events and demonstrations.

  • To preserve and promote inaccessible and forgotten skilled artistic endeavours as well as visual history through documentation and research.

  • Reviving the Art of Storytelling and the Art of traditional sports and games.

Our Goal

  • To provide opportunities for elders to transmit traditional knowledge and skills to younger generations.

  • Identifying the Living Treasures- the craftsmen trained in traditional skills and their documentation thereof.

  • To encourage intercultural dialogue and activities that foster cooperation among culturally diverse communities.

‘Heritage’ which is an inheritance is both tangible and intangible. Who we are and how we identify ourselves are as important as structural buildings, archaeological sites Ideas , customs and traditions. This sense of ‘Identity’ will be lost if it is not preserved now. It will help if we could be little obsessed with the past. 

Regd. Address

913, 4th Cross, 9th Main, BTM Layout 2nd Stage                                                                                                                                        

Bangalore – 560076

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