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Are Myths magical?
Are they contagious?
Is there one Ramayana or many?
Do celebrities and brands have an archetypal core?
Is the Mahabharata embedded in Lagaan and the Ramayana in Sholay?
Who is the most enduring manifestation of Saraswati in Bollywood?
Why does Kali figure so often in horror films?
How do Claire Underwood of the House of Cards and Olivia Pope of Scandal makesuch convincing Lakshmis?

You will find answers to all these and many more fascinating questionsin this introductory course. If you love cinema and find mythsintriguing then this is certainly a course you should do.


The Course Covers

  • Introduction to the concept of Myths and Archetypes

  • Awareness of the universality and historical/anthropological development of myths and archetypes

  • To interpret literary works in the light of myths and archetypes

  • To trace myths and archetypes in popular culture

  • To sensitize the reading of archetypes in popular culture and brands through goddess constructs

Know your mentor: DR. SHYAONTI TALWAR
Dr. Shyaonti Talwar is an academician, writer and columnist. She isan Assistant Professor of English in a college affiliated to SP PuneUniversity. Besides being on the Board of Studies of severalUniversities and Academic bodies, she writes regularly for The Wireand is a columnist for Feminism in India and writes on mythology,popular culture and Feminist praxis. Her areas of research interestinclude gender studies, women's writing, myths and archetypes andcultural studies. She is also a trained practitioner of the Indianclassical dance form of Kathak.
Dr. Talwar married her avid interest in mythology and films with herscholarship in gender studies and started keenly pursuing readingsand writing papers on goddess constructs in mythology, parallels inGreek and Indian mythology and gender in cinema. She has beenworking in these areas for the past six years now and has presentedmany papers in National and International conferences which weresubsequently published in research journals.
Dr. Talwar is writing a book slated to hit the shelves in May whichtraces nine Indian goddess archetypes in cinema